Nu kommer det att bli lite ändringar här i bloggen..
Jag har vart borta en hel del och ja jag kan inte gå in mer på detaljer.. Men jag ska vara tillbaka på noll tid..
Har även gjort en massa nya videos på min youtube kanal.. Och ja jag hoppas att ni vill vara med och kika på dom..

Så hör gärna av er om ni vill se dom vill juh inte publicera nått ni inte gillar..


Yes i'm back again and sorry for the long wait. But me and the kids have had so much to do so i did put the blog on hold, but not any more.

I will try my best to do a video today, and post it. And i hope that you guys are gonna like it. Please let me know what type of video that you guys wanna see or if it is any typ of make up you want me to create.

Hugs and kisses

Sorry sorry

Sorry for the long jumps from my last blog post. But I've had some problems with the computer, and submit the internet either. That has not been possible but now everything is back to normal now, and in a moment I'll even film a haul video for you.

Will link it here on the blog as I usually do, but also some pictures.
So stay tuned for those :)

xoxo Ewwe

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